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Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services help Startups, SME's reinvent their operating models and business processes to enhance productivity, get a competitive advantage in the market and improve performance and efficiency. Read More

Startup Consulting

If you are looking to begin and build your own startup business or Small Medium Enterprise trying to expand it's business, Invent Services can act as the complete one stop service and solution provider from ideation,funding to operations Read More

Technology Consulting

Product Management and Digital Transformation consulting services help brands better understand, envision, accelerate & accomplish their vision to unlock new opportunities. Read More

Executive Life Coaching

Invent Services provides leadership development through executive life coaching at all levels of an organization. Executive Life Coaching can help executives reach their full potential to align with business goals, objectives and results Read More

Life Coaching

Invent Services offers professional life coaching for personal and professional empowerment to reach personal and career goals faster. Life coaching helps individuals to deal with everyday life problems, work-life balance, and relationships. Read More

Digital Marketing

Invent Services helps companies to plan for their digital marketing strategy to promote their products or brands via one or more forms of digital marketing. Read More


We have the exposure and expertise to service a broad range of clients from various countries of the world. Our client list includes small size proprietorship concerns to top notch companies. Through our extensive and diverse capabilities we enable our clients to transition from their current business scenario to their desired future situation. Each Client is unique and distinctive in nature and so are their specifications and requirements. We therefore offer customized solutions to each client and assure we deliver optimally and ethically.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Executive Life Coaching

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, International Coach Federation (ICF). Executive Life Coaching is a holistic approach and series of intentional deeper conversations to create self awareness, which empowers and enables an individual or group of individuals to find the prose of life and to live up to their full potential

Why do I need Coaching?

Coaching enables Individuals to find hidden strengths and hidden potential through self awareness, and introspection. Coaching also helps to create a work-life balance, to find inner peace and harmony, to lead a happier life and to develop healthy relationships by developing skills to tackle difficult day-to-day issues personally and professionally

What is STEP?

STEP stands for Self Evaluation and Transformation Program (TM); is an Invent Services's proprietary program for Personal and Professional growth and dvelopement

What is Business Consulting

Business consulting provides management consulting to help organizations improve performance and efficiency. Busienss Consultants analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals. Business owners should consider hiring business consultants to get fresh ideas and perspective in their business through domain experts

Why Invent Services?

Invent Services can act as the complete one stop Business Consulting and Coaching service and solution provider for Startups and SME's We have a pool of experts, coaches and advisors to help you set up a business for a reasonable cost.

What are the services offered in Startup Consulting

IDEA Development, Technology Consulting, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Business Plan Creation, Business Process Creation,Business Development & Marketing,Cost Effective Marketing - Conventional & Digital Marketing, Funding Connections, Investors Meet, Angel Investors, VC's and Partner Creation - Channel Partners, Service Partners et.

About us

Invent Services is a Bangalore based company with a focus on new generation solutions in Business Consulting, Startup Consulting, Technology Consulting, Executive Life Coaching, Life Coaching and Digital Marketing. We are a professionally managed company with a perfect blend of Experts, who provide timely and valuable services to our business partners. Our success lies in amalgamation of domain knowledge and diverse functional expertise essential to ensure success of our clients.


Our endeavour is to ensure our customers get value for money services that are finest in the marketplace


To be the best in whatever we do and to deliver highest quality service.


Provide clients specialized services at a fair and reasonable cost


We have a sound team of dedicated professionals consisting of quality experts with their own skills and experience nationally and internationally all working towards the common goal. Our associates come with the right mix of analytical skills, problem solving, business and technical skills and the competence to lead and succeed. Our working process involves a consultative approach and we have more than 100 years of collective experience in various fields.

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